Shopping EUROPEAN FOOD AND STUFF: get a taxi and go to Carrefour, east part of the city. It takes 10 minutes. Great shop with a wide variety of food. The LIQUOR SHOP is on the right side, connected to the main shop. For the return journey – wait in front of the shop. A taxi will come soon. You can share one taxi with max 2 other passengers. Tell the driver where you want to go and he plans his route. If you are lucky you can enjoy a sightseeing tour.


You can get delicious and cheap STREET FOOD anywhere in the Medina. Just order, find the staircase up and there is usually an area where you can eat. They will serve you nice and fresh food for aprox 50 dirhams per person. The cheapest tajin and soup you can find at famous Mr Ouazzani.

Medina restaurants, European or Morrocan style. You can find many within Medina. Famous is Megaloft Ottman Chic or Pâtisserie Driss.

FISH SOUQ – join the locals at this small market. For a cheap lunch, buy half a dozen sardines, and for around Dh10 one of the neighbouring cafes will grill them for you and serve them up with bread and a simple salad.